Can I drop ship orders from my vendor or warehouse directly to a Lodeso home delivery terminal?

Yes. Using our website, simply enter the “deliver to” zip code to receive the address of the appropriate delivery terminal. For larger accounts, orders may be registered and routed to the appropriate delivery terminal using EDI or other electronic communication techniques.

Can Lodeso pick up orders from my vendor or warehouse and ship them to a Lodeso home delivery terminal—taking care of the entire transportation and delivery transaction?

Yes. We have several transportation partners who integrate Lodeso’s final mile delivery capability with transportation for customers desiring a one-stop transaction that includes transportation management and final mile delivery under one invoice. Contact Lodeso for more information on this program.

Can I receive notification of activities throughout the various states of the delivery process?

Yes. The up-front delivery plan you receive for each of your orders will include three milestone dates: the scheduled ship date from your vendor or warehouse, the expected arrival date at our delivery terminal, and the expected date Lodeso will contact your customer to schedule delivery. At any point during this process, you can be notified of the progress each order has made, including the scheduling of final delivery and confirmation that the delivery has occurred.

Can I track the status of my orders?

Yes. Lodeso provides the most robust home delivery order tracking system in the industry. It allows you, your vendors, and the end-consumer to review detailed information that includes schedule and completion dates, and much more.

Why is the “e” in Lodeso upside down?

The founders of Lodeso knew, first hand, how poor the service was throughout the large-box delivery industry. Based on this, they committed Lodeso to turning the industry upside down by providing customers with a home delivery experience far greater than any previously offered. The upside down e serves as our reminder to strive for a constantly rising quality of service.

Will you provide a demonstration of Lodeso's capabilities?

Yes. Simply contact Lodeso and a representative will guide you through an online tour of our extensive delivery management capabilities. Call 616.748.5560 or send an e-mail to Sales@Lodeso.com.

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Effectively immediately, Schneider ceased operations of the First to Final Mile (“FTFM”) service offering within our Truckload segment and has begun a structured shutdown of the FTFM business.
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